Special notice: On August 10th, 2021 our restaurant and store were lost to fire. Our lodge, located 100 yards north, remains open.

Lucia is perched on the coast miles from any other business. Locals have frequented Lucia Lodge for mail, groceries, WiFi, and complimentary coffee for decades. The Lucia store opened in 1937, coinciding with the opening of Highway 1! The land was originally homesteaded in the 1800's by the Harlan family, and in that pioneering spirt the Harlan's plan to rebuild this vital part of the Big Sur South Coast.

In the meantime, we usually have a local Mexican food truck on site WED-SAT, although its presence is not guaranteed. The truck has organic, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. We also provide a free Grab-n-Go breakfast each morning. Dining is also available 12 miles south.

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he timeless waves of the Pacific Ocean assert themselves into every nook and cranny of coastal land. The young and carefree Santa Lucia Mountains rush down to meet the challenge.

The marriage finds happy compromise as first the land fingers its way out, then retreats in surrender to the sea. This eternal dance brings astonishing vistas and warm smiles to all who visit. This is Big Sur.

Along this dramatic corridor, perched above the surf and clinging to the ocean cliffs, lies Lucia Lodge.

Constructed by one of Big Sur’s 19th century pioneer families, the fifth generation of the Harlan family welcomes you to the village of Lucia, named after the metamorphic mountains that surround it.

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